Thursday, July 23, 2009

New to this Game....

So, this is my first blog. I have never done this before and I intend to get better at it with time. What I will tell you are my plans for this blog. Because I love fashion, I decided to dedicate this blog to what I think are the current 'ins' and 'outs'....Rules to live by, great products I come across and whatever else I might find interesting to promote my brand of living. Being from the midwest, my views will be different from those on the coastlines, but I think some of you may find that refreshing.

Don't be surprised if you see a range of my personal faves like music, art and fitness recommendations as well. Oh yeah, I am also learning to do great things with makeup so watch for tips and other things to try.

I am a classy lady so my recommendations will reflect that. To be frank, if your mindset is not aimed at elevating yourself, you may not like what I have to say or appreciate the message of self worth and self respect that I want to share with you all. Every woman is beautiful and worthy and deserves to know that. So bottom line, no skank or hoochie wear is advocated here...If you really do like being a skank or hoochie, I hope that one day you realize there is a better way and for the most part--MORE POWER TO YOU!!!

Last but not least, I really do look forward to hearing what some of you have to say...Good or bad, I appreciate the feedback and hope you all will find yourselves looking to my blog as a source for ideas and inspiration.

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