Monday, August 10, 2009

Hard Edges

So....I have found another up and coming trend to analyze: the 'hard edge' look. This is not difficult to define, but it does include a broad range of looks.

One of the most prevalent hard edge looks for fall was the emphasized shoulder. This includes shoulder pads, pointy and exaggerated shoulders, ruffled or pleated shoulders and any and everything in between.

Another key component of the trend is anything in black leather. It was a staple on the runways and has been claimed to look good on every age, ranging from 20's on up to 70's and beyond. This component could also include the over-the-knee boot (which I am in love with) and has been seen on everything from skirts to tops to dresses.

Lastly, anything short (particularly bottoms) has been grouped into the hard edge look because it is so opposite of the previous 'prim and proper' look that we had been seeing. Personally, I don't care for the overly short look but trends are not meant for everyone and knowing yourself and your limits is the best trend there is.

Pretty much the 'hard edge' look contains anything that is daring, provocative, and innovative or something we have not seen in a while. This means throwing out the old rules and breaking the old mantras. Things that are fitted or draped, things that are retro (this is broad...I have seen everything from Victorian to 1980's and 90's) and looks that are borderline dominatrix are all part of this edgy new essence of our current time.

Above look from Louis Vuitton Ready-to-Wear Fall 2009.

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